Apprentice Kincrome Tools

We will Help You!

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'Tools to You Australia' understands the struggles Apprentices face with costs of obtaining their own Trade Tools.

We are Committed to
  • Providing discounted prices for Apprentices
  • Working with Apprentices on setting achievable ownership goals
  • Working with Apprentices on fundraising initiatives
  • Providing alternative solutions where necessary

Tools To You Australia Apprentice Account
Tools To You Australia will set up and manage a non-credit account for any apprentice who wishes to commence an ownership program with us.
  • ‘Tools to you Australia’ will manage an Account for each registered Apprentice
  • Anyone can make a contribution to this account at any time
  • The proceeds from additional fundraising initiatives will be credited to this account
  • The Apprentices can use the account to purchase items at their convenience
  • The full value of the account (minus a 10% administration fee) can be remitted in cash to the Apprentice at any time

With ‘Tools to You Australia’ behind them each Apprentice can set about achieving their Ownership goal in a number of ways.
  • We will contribute (donate) a percentage of any sales generated via referrals made by each apprentice. This will include his/her worksite
  • Birthday/Christmas contributions from family/friends – they can credit the apprentices ‘Tools To You Australia Apprentice Account’ at any time
  • Access to Tools To You Australia’s other fundraising tools
  • Genuine Financial Advice from a Community Financial Planning Counsellor
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